My Perfect Mimosa Morning Brunch

The Perfect Morning Brunch

With summer rapidly approaching and the heat coming even quicker than that, all I seem to want is refreshing drinks! I’m currently in a season of life that is crazzzzzy chaotic. With my photography business kicking off, I am bouncing from shoot to shoot and wedding to wedding and am constantly daydreaming of lazy days that I can spend with a drink in hand! I’m not one for soda or energy drinks, so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect refreshing summer drink. I’m looking for something with a bit of fizz that makes my tastebuds happy and I’ve found just what I was looking for just in time for National Bubbly Day! Segura Viudas Cava has partnered with me to celebrate the first-ever National Bubbly Day (best holiday EVER!) by letting me try out their bubbly champagne. Let me tell you- it is a winner!

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Crispy Homemade Chicken Tenders

Crispy Homemade Chicken Tenders- perfectly crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside! Sometimes you’ve just gotta go back to the basics — those good old-fashioned, tried and true recipes that even little kids will eat.

Lately I’ve been having the biggest craving for chicken tenders. So I decided to make a more adult version of one of my favorite childhood treats!

And you guys, these chicken tenders are GOOD, like reaaalllly good. Like lick your fingers to get every last bit of flavor good. Even better than the frozen chicken tenders/nuggets you can get in the freezer aisle (which I am also a fan of… #fancyfoodblogger). These crispy homemade chicken tenders are perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Mhmm. …

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Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mousse

Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mousse- beyond easy to make and so delicious! Perfect for when you have a sweet tooth, but want to keep things on the healthier side.

Hello hello!

You know those days when you’re craving something sweet but you still wanna try and keep it relatively on the healthy side? Well this peanut butter chocolate chip mousse is the answer!

I found this recipe online and wanted to give it a try since I had all the ingredients on hand. It’s super easy to make and there are only 4 ingredients (5 if you include the miniature chocolate chips, which I strongly recommend!)! A big step that I would change, though, if you want texture more like a mousse and less like yogurt is to NOT melt the peanut butter. The original recipe calls for that and I found that is melts down the whole recipe! Delicious, but it definitely doesn’t look like the picture shown!…

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Lemon Asparagus Risotto

Lemon Asparagus Risotto

Anyone else ever feel confused about “spring” foods? I feel like other seasons have a much more defined food structure, while spring leaves me wrinkling my forehead.  Fall calls for #pumpkineverything and gently leads into winter recipes, which are synonymous with anything cozy, comforting, and hearty. Summer screams for anything fruity and refreshing, with BBQ and picnic food reigning supreme.

But what about spring? Sure, you’ve got salad recipes poppin’ up everywhere, but sometimes a girl just need carbs. Am I right?Asparagus Lemon Risotto

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Garlic Butter Skillet Fries

Garlic Butter Skillet Fries- the easiest, most delicious homemade fries! Crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside.

Potatoes in garlic butter sauce. I mean, C’MON, man!? How could you go wrong?

Trick question. YOU CAN’T.

This recipe is the definition of comfort food. My dad grew up on a potato farm in rural Norway, so potatoes basically are in my blood. I also have fond memories of my obachan (Japanese grandma) frying up similar potatoes whenever she was babysitting us kiddos. We would run wild in her big backyard and then come back inside for a quick pan-fried potato and apple slice break. The best. …

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