The BEST Healthy Cookie Ever

The BEST Healthy Cookie Ever- healthy enough to eat for breakfast and SO delicious!  Made with zero butter and indistinguishable from a normal cookie!

I mean, c’mon. What could be better for breakfast than COOKIES?

One of the beautiful things about being an adult is that you can basically eat whatever, whenever you want. One of the un-beautiful things about being an adult is that you have these super fun things call responsibilities that include making sure  you’re fueling  your body with nutrients and good-for-your foods . This means needing to find a balance between my inner 5 year old and my newly acquired adult-ness.

Consider it FOUND with this recipe for the best healthy(er) cookie EVER!…

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Thinking Out Loud #4

Popping in on this lovely Thursday with another rendition of Thinking Out Loud! A big thanks to Amanda for hosting. Let’s get right into some random thoughts going through my head this week!

Sprinkle Donuts

Sprinkle Donut

I get random food cravings all the time, but sprinkle donuts consistently make the top of the list! I’ve been experimenting with my food styling locations a little bit (aka just going from inside next to a window to outdoors) and wanted something colorful to pop out against a blue backdrop I recently purchased. Hey, they’re a business expense, right? …

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Tangy Agave Grapefruit Smoothie

Tangy Agave Grapefruit Smoothie- a tangy and sweet drink that's fast and filled with protein!

I know, I know. Two tropical fruit-related recipes in a row? While I do love those fruity flavors, I have to admit that the mini trend wasn’t inspired by tastebuds.

In truth, I was planning on making and photographing a few new recipes on Sunday, but Kyle and I ended up spending the day in pjs eating soup, drinking wine, and watching Lord of the Rings, so I only have this recipe that I made a few weeks ago to share. And yes, that’s our idea of a weekend well spent.😉

This recipe is simple, easy, and a really nice flavor change-up from your normal smoothie! It’s tangy, but with sweet undertones and filling from the greek yogurt. Kyle helped me style some product photos that involved us needing to make 4 homemade pizzas, so I whipped up two big glasses of this smoothie to balance out all that salt with some sweetness. It hit the spot!…

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Coconut Berry Baked Oatmeal

Coconut Berry Oatmeal Bake- delicious, healthy, and done from start to finish in just 30 minutes! Meal prep once for a healthy and filling breakfast all week long!

Today’s recipe is a spin off of the MOST popular recipe I’ve ever had on this here bloggy blog, my Baked Honey Berry Oatmeal! That oatmeal recipe first showed up in 2014 and it has continued to win over the hearts and stomachs of my readers for good reason. Baked oatmeal is a great way to prep a healthy breakfast for the week and it’s so easy to customize to what ever flavors your tastebuds are craving.

I love using my base recipe to come up with variations like this chocolate chip cookie version and this pumpkin spice version, so it was only a matter of time till I came up with one with a slight fruity twist! This recipe was inspired by a trip to Hawaii that I’m planning in July with all my college friends as well as the warmer weather we’ve been having lately. Time to exchange those fall and winter flavors for something a little more tropical!…

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Thinking Out Loud #3

Hi friends! It’s somehow already Thursday and time for another Thinking Out Loud post! This week is flying by for me and I’m gearing up for a busy weekend. Let’s jump right into it!

Walks with my two favorites

We took advantage of the sunny weather and went for a Sunday walk with Tucker! We had initially planned to go on a hike at some of our favorite trails, but the city had temporarily closed it due to all the rain and mud. There were a lot of other pups out on walks with their owners and Kyle and I were pleasantly surprised by how calm Tucker was with all of them. He’s usually kinda psycho with energy and happiness, but he was on his best behavior! #proudpawrents


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