Do You Even Lift? ;)

Today started off with a bang! I got up around 7:15, read some blogs, then got dressed to head out for a quick run. I ate a small protein bar to give me a little energy to work with, drank a bottle of water, and then headed out the door.


My run went as well as can be expected. I haven’t run in a while, so it was hard to get myself motivated to put some miles under my shoes. Ideally, I’d like to be running at least three times a week. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep at it more :). There’s something addictive about running and I’m already pumped to go out again tomorrow!

I ended up running for a little over 30 minutes in a loop around my school. I’m not sure how many miles I covered since my Zombies, Run! iPhone app had had some new developments and I was too eager to go to figure out how to start a new mission. The program has a built in GPS tracking system that tells you your miles and pace. All I know is that I had a good run and was super shhweaatyy by the end! My heart rate was consistently high, so I’m also happy about that.

IMG_1732 IMG_1749

After that, I went back to my room to grab my gym things and to meet Tiana to let her borrow some workout clothes. We biked on over to the gym to get in a good lifting sesh and to pump mad iron ;).

IMG_1734 IMG_1739

We had a GREAT full-body workout and I can tell that I’m going to be especially sore tomorrow. Love that feeling!

Kyle also met us at the gym. Hurray for gym dates! I’m so glad that he’s not one of those ignorant guys who scoff at women who do more than just cardio. Kyle has always been supportive in every possible way :).



Not too shabby for doing weights alone :)

Not too shabby for doing weights alone :)

We ended up walking home since Tiana’s bike had a flat tire, and by the time we got back, we were all starving! I ended up getting an egg white omelet with all the fixings, fresh fruit with some yogurt and cottage cheese, and some black coffee (x2). I also nibbled on some coffee cake. It tastes unbelievably good paired with the coffee. That’s probably why they call it coffee cake haha… What an epiphany!

IMG_1742 IMG_1743

How have your experiences been with talking to men about lifting? 

I can’t wait to take a nice, long shower! Catch ya’ll later!

Sunny Skies

Happy Friday! 

After such a long day yesterday, I slept like a rock and got up at 7:30 to shower and get ready for my 9 a.m Calculus class. The weather was absolutely beautiful and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! I decided to walk to campus today (a 25 minute walk) since a dress was calling my name. Biking in a dress is impossible, so I don’t get to wear them much.

IMG_1717 IMG_1709

IMG_1692 IMG_1691

Breakfast was a whole wheat bagel with whipped chive cream cheese in class since I wasn’t too hungry.

Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

After math I speed-walked across campus to my history lecture, then speed-walked back across campus to chemistry. It’s been a speedy day ;). I ended up walking for over an hour and a half total. I only had sandals on, so my feet are a bit sore. Lesson learned!

I finish at 12 o’clock on Fridays (awesome, right?!), so I met up with Kyle at Starbucks to get in on their new blended drinks. We split a ginormous frap. So good!


Loving the weather!

We walked back to our dorms and then went to grab some lunch. I had my usual salad with some fruit and a beef dip sandwich. I ended up only eating half of the sandwich though- the Starbucks drink definitely curbed my hunger!

IMG_1706 IMG_1705

I went to get my mail and was excited to see a cute present from my parents! Kyle and I have a habit of having a piece of See’s chocolate with a latte (plain latte for me and a caramel for him) for a daily treat when we’re up late doing homework. However, we deplete our store pretty quickly. I was joking (kinda ;)) when I texted my parents, but, hey! I’ll take it!

IMG_1727 IMG_1708

I took a refreshing nap, then went to hangout with some friends before dinner. Dinner consisted of cous cous with grilled veggies, panko crusted swai fish, and some more veg to top it off. IMG_1723

I have a jam-packed day tomorrow so I decided to try to get as much work as possible done today. The rest of my Friday involved my favorite thing to do. Ever. HOMEWORK!

IMG_1728I’m looking forward to tomorrow, though!


Busy Bee

Today was another early morning for me, I was up and awake at 6:30 a.m. and worked until 9 on my Chemistry Lab Report. Then it was time to grab some breakfast! I had crunchy fruit salad (basically a mix of fresh fruit and granola) with about a half cup of cottage cheese on the side for some tartness and protein. It’s made with copious amounts of granola, so I usually don’t eat all of it and excavate for fruity bites!

Coffee too!

Coffee too!

That didn’t hold me over for long, so I snacked on some unsweetened apple sauce and a nutri-grain bar before my 12 o’clock French class.Luckily, I was able to finish my lab report before heading out to class. Glad I got it out of the way! Those suckers are the worst ;).


After French I biked back to get some lunch with Kyle. UCSB is a HUGE biking school and I depend on my giraffe bike to get me everywhere :). I love those beautiful, sunny days with just a hint of a breeze!

IMG_1673 IMG_1671

Lunch was a salad (I love me some carrots- I promise there are some lettuce leaves in there!) and some teriyaki beef with rice and more veg. I also snuck a couple of bites from Kyle’s grass fed burgers and curly fries. Yum!

IMG_1676 IMG_1675 IMG_1674

Then it was right back to work.

Thursdays are always my least favorite day of the week. It should be illegal to have a mandatory 4 hour chemistry lab.

How I feel about lab.

How I feel about lab.

I basically spent 4 hours making these crystals. Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty, but in the future I’d prefer to buy them at a craft store for 23 cents ;).

IMG_1684 IMG_1681

Mad scientist in training right here!

I didn’t get out till 10 and was HUNGRY! Embarrassing enough to say, Kyle and I went to the same restaurant as yesterday. We just can’t get enough of Vietnamese food! I order some pineapple fried rice with lean chicken breast and shrimp. We also split a Vietnamese iced tea which is out of this world. Kyle ordered a beef dish, but was more than happy to help me with my huge plate of food!

IMG_1690 IMG_1689 IMG_1688 IMG_1687

It’s been such a long day, I’m glad I won’t have another Thursday for a week. Bring on the weekend!


Ready to Go!

Last night was a late one. I’m lucky to have a GREAT group of friends that live within the same dorm as me. However, this makes for a lot of late nights as everyday seems like a giant sleepover party. Long story short, I was up till 2 laughing and having a fun time with my main ladies :).

The dorm I live in :)

The dorm I live in :)

However, I was up and ready to go this morning for a sweat sesh with my friends Tiana and Kherishma! I was expecting to feel really sluggish from being up too late, but ended up getting up before my alarm by a solid hour at 6:30 a.m. I went down to the dining common around 8 and got breakfast with Tiana, then we biked over to our campus gym.

I know it looks like vomit, but I promise it's good!

I know it looks like vomit, but I promise it’s good!

I’ve been strength training with heavy weights for about a year, but always ended up going alone since most girls are intimidated by all that manly-man testosterone that surrounds the weight section. I was so excited when Tiana asked if she could come with me some time so I could show her around! We’re both morning people so our workout times line up perfectly.

Love me some cute workout clothes!

IMG_1644 Love me some cute workout clothes!


My blue-eyed beauty of a friend!

My blue-eyed beauty of a friend!

After the gym, I made a bee-line for Starbucks to grab a drink before my US History lecture. I’m usually much more of a coffee person, but a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher sounded too appealing to pass up.

I pick my drinks based on if they match my outfit ;)

I pick my drinks based on outfit compatibility ;)

Did you know that Starbucks has a new Frappuccino out? I do.

He always knows what's best for me ;)

He always knows what’s best for me ;)

After my history and chemistry lectures, I had my French midterm, which I think went pretty well :). By 1 o’clock I was starving and more than game to meet Kyle for some food at one of our favorite restaurants.

ain't he a cutie?

ain’t he a cutie?


We got Vietnamese food and I inhaled it all :).

So far, it’s been such a nice day! I’m done with class and am probably going to take a delicious nap before springing (or not) into homework.


Just a Friendly Introduction

Hello everyone!




As most introductions go, this one will most likely be a little awkward with no real direction to it :).

My name is Christine and I’m currently a college student majoring in Microbiology and minoring in French at the University of California at Santa Barbara. After much thought and indecisiveness, I have finally decided to make my own blog- one that describes my life and highlights a few of my passions, such as health and fitness, cooking, and giraffes. Like many other new bloggers, I have been a long time follower and reader, but have only now mustered up enough courage to start my own site!

DSC_0275_2 howdy!

I’ve been dating the most wonderful guy for the last two and a half years (high school sweetheart) and am lucky enough to be at the same college as him. Kyle’s my Prince Charming!


I’m nervous to share so much of my life, but, at the same time, very excited!