Thinking Out Loud #4

Hey guys and happy Thursday! I’m jumping on the TOL bandwagon this week to share some random happenings. I always want to share more personal things, but (to be honest), our lives aren’t exciting enough to dedicate multiple posts a week to 😂. It’s easier to just chunk a whole lot of little things together in a Thinking Out Loud post! As always, a big thanks to Amanda for hosting!

So let’s dive right in with a little life recap!

We’ve been house shopping

Kyle and I have been on the lookout for potential homes these last few months. Our apartment lease is up in early April and we most likely will not be renewing it. We’ll be traveling in Europe from the end of April through early March, so we’re hoping to either find a home we love, or move back in with our parents for a few months until we find the perfect match. I’m not going to lie, the SoCal housing market is pretty ridiculous in terms of cost and what you get for your money, but we are SO excited!

I went to Vegas

I went to Vegas on a girl’s trip to celebrate a couple birthdays in the group! It’s always fun to get dressed up and let off some steam. How gorgeous are my friends?!

Loving on our kittens

We are still so crazy about our two kittens, Lucy and Piper! They make us laugh every single day with their ridiculous little cat shenanigans and we love seeing their two (very different) personalities come out.

TOL Kittens_0002


  • Waits outside our door and meows/”chirps” around 5:30-7am every day. She is very dedicated to making sure we are morning people.
  • Thinks it’s SO fun to unroll the toilet paper in the bathroom…
  • On the topic of toilets, she fell into the toilet and had to have her first bath :(.
  • Is just generally a weirdo. We love her so much for her quirky personality!


  • Is much more of a “proper” cat than Piper.
  • LOVES any sort of computer or TV screen. She truly is a millennial cat and is obsessed with sitting on our desks when we work or going right up next to the TV and pawing at anything that shows up.
  • Loves to take naps with me.

TOL Kittens_0003

We saw Hamilton!!


And it was awesome. I do wish I could have seen it with the original casts, though! I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for so long, so it was hard for me to hear the songs sung by different voices. Overall, it was AMAZING!


And that’s all, folks! Hope you are having a great week!


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