Meet Our Kitties!

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Last weekend we walked into Petco on the search for a new collar for Tucker (Kyle’s family’s dog) and stumbled upon the cutest kittens waiting to be adopted. We’ve been talking about getting a dog for a while, but decided that our apartment was too small for the golden retriever we wanted.  I’d resigned myself to waiting for a pet till we bought our first house sometime in 2018, but was smitten by two sister kitties :). We walked out having filled out an application to adopt both and got word later that night that we were approved! On Monday our fur babies were delivered to our home and we’ve been loving on them ever since.

Piper is the spunky one that is always exploring the small nooks and crannies. She’s extra lovey and pretty much plops in your arms when you pick her up! She purrs at literally everything and loves to follow us from room to room. She also makes food blogging/product photography a bit more difficult because she’s constantly wanting to investigate/eat what’s out! I can’t turn around for more than 5 seconds without having to run back and pick her up before havoc is wrecked. It’s too cute!

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Lucy is a little more shy when it comes to being openly affectionate, but she loves to play! She’s cautious, but a great little hunter and she’s been warming up after spending more and more time with us. She’s a smart cookie!

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We’ve said over and over again to each other how happy we are that we adopted both cats. While initially we were thinking of just getting Piper, the volunteers mentioned to us that they acclimate much better when together and keep each other entertained. They were so right! I have no idea how I would get work done if Piper didn’t have her sister to play with and I think that they feed off of each other’s curiosity and charisma. We’re hoping that by socializing so much with each other, they adjust to our first puppy better! Plus, it’s just plain adorable hearing their little paws pitter patter up and down the floors and watching them wrestle and sleep together. They are definitely a bonded pair and we are so glad we have both of them!

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