My Perfect Mimosa Morning Brunch

The Perfect Morning Brunch

With summer rapidly approaching and the heat coming even quicker than that, all I seem to want is refreshing drinks! I’m currently in a season of life that is crazzzzzy chaotic. With my photography business kicking off, I am bouncing from shoot to shoot and wedding to wedding and am constantly daydreaming of lazy days that I can spend with a drink in hand! I’m not one for soda or energy drinks, so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect refreshing summer drink. I’m looking for something with a bit of fizz that makes my tastebuds happy and I’ve found just what I was looking for just in time for National Bubbly Day! Segura Viudas Cava has partnered with me to celebrate the first-ever National Bubbly Day (best holiday EVER!) by letting me try out their bubbly champagne. Let me tell you- it is a winner!

The Perfect Morning Brunch The Perfect Morning Brunch

On the rare morning I do have off, Kyle and I indulge in a late morning brunch. We’re talking croissants, jam, fresh fruit and (most importantly) mimosas! The whole meal is decadent yet light, so I’m not feeling the afternoon slump. I can still get all my work done, but my brunch makes my entire day so much more enjoyable by starting me off on the right foot! Most mornings consist of me waking up, pouring a cup of coffee, and diving straight into emails when I’m still half asleep. Taking time to wake up slow and chat over a perfect brunch always sets the tone for a wonderful day!

The Perfect Morning Brunch The Perfect Morning Brunch

Not only does Segura Viudas Cava’s champagne make the perfect mixer for mimosas, but it’s usable in almost any summer drink you’re looking to make! I imagine myself making cocktails for summer picnics or enjoying a glass while I prep dinner out by the pool. Anyway you want it, Segura Viudas Cava’s champagne enhances a summer day. It’s the rejuvenation we all need for those days out in the sun! This really is the ultimate summer beverage, and I’m already looking forward to experimenting with different flavors based on the meals I pair with it!

My Perfect Brunch-6

Celebrate National Bubbly Day with me by picking up your own bottle of Segura Viudas Cava!

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