Thinking Out Loud #8

Hi everyone! How’s your week been going? I’ve been waking up extra sleepy in the mornings, so it’s been a coffee-filled one for me! Let’s jump right into this week’s Thinking Out Loud!

As always, thanks to the lovely Amanda for hosting!

I was featured in People Magazine!

People Magazine-1 David&MarieWeddingPhotos-44

AHHH! Last week was probably the most exciting of my entire life! I shot David Henrie’s wedding (he was Selena Gomez’s costar on the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place) and the media attention was insane. Selena Gomez came to the church ceremony and to cocktail hour and it was the most crazy, how-did-this-happen thing to direct her of photos haha. I had this one surreal moment where I was gathering together the cast of Wizards for a group photo and was leading them outside with Selena Gomez walking right next to me and the rest of the actors following me. WHAT IS LIFE?! She even shared one of the pictures I took on her Instagram, which makes me feel insanely cool since she is the most followed person on the entire Instagram platform.


Fitbit Update

Kyle and I have been absolutely loving our Fitbits! I didn’t realize how sedentary I can be on some days when I work from my home office, so my Fitbit has been a great catalyst and encourager for me to move more! Kyle and I enjoy the challenge of reaching at least 10,000 steps a day and we’ve been going on daily walks together in the morning before he goes to work or in the evening when he comes home. We have a coffeeshop that’s the perfect 20 minute walk away, so we usually end up getting our caffeine fix in as well!



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Our Apartment

Our cute little apartment definitely feels like home now! While it’s not decorated/put together nearly to the capacity that I want, it’s slowly coming together! I’ve been slowly adding little touches and my most recent purchase, a small orchid for my desk, brings me an irrational amount of joy :).


Golden Beet Red Quinoa Salad

Did you guys catch Monday’s recipe? If not, you NEED to head over and make this quinoa salad ASAP. I’m not usually someone who raves about salads, but the combination of a light olive oil, agave, and vinegar dressing with the tasty golden beets, slightly-spicy watercress, refreshing cucumber bites, and feta cheese is such a huge recipe win!

Kyle devoured the big batch I made for dinner and didn’t even want any sort of meat/more main course food to accompany it! It’s that good.


And that’s all I have for you guys this week! Happy almost-Friday!

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    WOW! What a beautiful wedding; that is so amazing that you got that opportunity. You’re a fantastic photographer.