Thinking Out Loud #7

Thursday again?! Time is flying by! Let’s jump right in with this week’s Thinking Out Loud. A big thanks to Amanda, as always, for hosting!

It’s Move-In Week

AHHHH!! It’s move-in week! Kyle and I get the keys to our new apartment today and have the all-clear to move in on Friday. I’ll be there on Friday to clean and move in some smaller things and then Kyle and I will be tackling our furniture/finishing up on Saturday! So excited.


Mason Jar Blender Attachment

Okay, HELLOOO life changing. I had no idea you could attach the bottom of a blender to a mason jar. One of the reasons why I don’t often make smoothies is because I hate the cleanup involved with the blender itself. You get so many extra things to clean, but with this method, it’s minimal and basically just the mason jar you drink from! I also love that you can prep smoothies for the week. What a revelation. ;)

Relaxing Before the Madness

Wedding season is about to kick in, so I’m soaking up a few weeks of less stress and a more manageable workload. Wedding days can be both physically and mentally exhausting (I carry about 15lbs of gear on my shoulders and back for 8-10 hours and am constantly thinking or anticipating what’s goin’ on), so I’m trying to savor every minute of calm! I actually have a celebrity wedding (!!!!) towards the end of the month that I’m super stoked on, so I’m simultaneously wanting this in-between period to slow down and go by faster .

More on that later!Romantics-193

Incline Walking

Back when I was still in college, I ran a half marathon and I think I really burned myself out with the training (especially while running my businesses and being enrolled in my classes). I’ve really started to like incline walking, though, and the time flies by when I blast the soundtrack to Hamilton and –special trick– cover the clock on the treadmill with a towel.

Other than that, I’m still on a big BodyPump kick!

And that’s all I got for you guys today! Time for bed!

Hope your week is going by fast!

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