Thinking Out Loud #4

Popping in on this lovely Thursday with another rendition of Thinking Out Loud! A big thanks to Amanda for hosting. Let’s get right into some random thoughts going through my head this week!

Sprinkle Donuts

Sprinkle Donut

I get random food cravings all the time, but sprinkle donuts consistently make the top of the list! I’ve been experimenting with my food styling locations a little bit (aka just going from inside next to a window to outdoors) and wanted something colorful to pop out against a blue backdrop I recently purchased. Hey, they’re a business expense, right? 

Photographing JuliaSneak Peeks-1-7

It’s crazy how you sometimes randomly meet someone and just share such a special connection with them. I virtually met Julia from Drops of Jules for the first time when I was a freshman at UCSB. She had emailed me asking for advice about colleges (she had gotten into SDSU and UCSB) and we stayed in touch on-and-off since then! We had the opportunity to meet for coffee a year or so ago, but weren’t able to see each other again till last weekend due to our busy schedules. I have started mentoring other photographers and needed a couple to model for the shooting portion of the mentoring session and I was SO thrilled when Julia and Ian reached out to me! They drove all the way from San Diego and withstood the cold and my bad jokes and explanations for posing without complaint .

I instantly loved Ian and it was so obvious how happy Julia is with him. I’ve known Julia through a multitude of different ups and downs for her and can honestly say that she has never looked more radiant. She was positively glowing with happiness and I had the best time hanging out and goofing around with the two of them. Ian is so funny and charismatic and the two of them balance and support each other so perfectly.

I’m beyond excited to see where life take them!Sneak Peeks-1-8

Pups Just When You Need Them

Sometimes, the universe is extra kind to you and sends you with a pup when you’re having a “blah” kind of day. I was feeling off all day and had just driven to my local grocery store to pick up some recipe ingredients. I pulled into the parking lot and pretty much circled around until I found one of the spots near the back open. I pulled in and realized it was actually the best spot there because the friendliest golden retriever dog was there to greet me! A few pets and puppy kisses later and my day was completely turned around.


And then, your boyfriend randomly stops by after work with a surprise balloon dog on a leash for you. Apparently some of the other employees at SpaceX have taken to having random balloon animals at there desks and he knew I would like them so he stopped by Party City on his way home. Kyle is the cutest and always gets so excited to surprise me with little things. I love him.

Barefoot WineDSC_9460

The last thing I’m going to pretend to be is a wine connoisseur, so if you actually have sophisticated tastebuds, go ahead and skip past this one . BUT, if you’re like me and are used to drinking cheap alcohol (college hasn’t worn off just yet) and can’t really tell the difference between a $5 bottle of wine and a $500 one, I really love Riesling! I’m still working on enjoying heavier red wines, but will pretty much guzzle this stuff. It’s basically slightly spiked fruit juice and is so good.

The SUN!!image2

Spoiled Southern Californian here, but the sun has finally returned after it’s brief hiatus! I’m not someone who really goes outside to tan much, but I couldn’t help but sit outside for an hour and read in the sunshine.

That’s all I have for you guys this week! Tune in tomorrow for some delicious cookies that you can eat for BREAKFAST! Woot woot!

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