Thinking Out Loud #3

Hi friends! It’s somehow already Thursday and time for another Thinking Out Loud post! This week is flying by for me and I’m gearing up for a busy weekend. Let’s jump right into it!

Walks with my two favorites

We took advantage of the sunny weather and went for a Sunday walk with Tucker! We had initially planned to go on a hike at some of our favorite trails, but the city had temporarily closed it due to all the rain and mud. There were a lot of other pups out on walks with their owners and Kyle and I were pleasantly surprised by how calm Tucker was with all of them. He’s usually kinda psycho with energy and happiness, but he was on his best behavior! #proudpawrents


^^ his face KILLS me. Tucker is so expressive and just so FULL of personality that, at times, it’s hard to believe he’s not human.

Shopping for our apartment!

Since we aren’t moving in to our new apartment until April (it’s under construction), Kyle and I have time to leisurely search and shop for furniture and other household items. I am SO excited about getting things put together and figuring out what will work best in the space! Our  first and, so far, only investment has been in this cute little round dining table from West Elm. We both really like the look of reclaimed wood and combining a tiny bit of rustic to make a cozy environment, so it’s perfect! Our apartment has the prettiest light wood floors and I think we’re headed to a more Scandinavian-meets-French-country look. If that makes any sense 😂.


This Wendy’s video.

Dying. This is Wendy’s OFFICIAL Twitter account and it’s just hilarious. The person who manages that Twitter account is killing it.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Any fellow science nerds out there? This series is SO unbelievably good and does such an amazing job explaining all of nature’s most fascinating phenomena and the history/people behind their discoveries. It’s mind-blowing and goes over things as huge as the entire universe and as small as the atoms being used in photosynthesis. You will feel both microscopic and enormously important and significant all in one episode. It’s honestly pretty tough for me to explain how cool this series is, so just go check it out for yourself! You won’t regret it.


That’s all I got for you guys this Thursday! Hope your week is going well!




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    Tucker looks so happy!! I’ve been going on a lot of walks lately too, they are so underrated. I’m so excited to see how your apartment looks when you are all moved in and set up, that is such an exciting change!
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    so exciting that you guys are picking out furniture!! i can’t wait til i have a real home, decorating is the best part! and Cosmos is SO good. i never thought of myself as someone interested in outer space, but i was hooked!