Hello From SLO!

Hello from San Luis Obispo!

I took an impromptu trip up the coast to SLO with Kyle since he had a business trip assigned to him from SpaceX and I had the week free without any shoots in my calendar :). He has just gotten back on Sunday from another work-related trip in San Francisco for a week, so I was more than happy to accompany him and get the chance to spend time with my favorite guy!

The drive up to SLO is a familiar one since it’s past Santa Barbara. Back when we were in school, we would usually make the drive at night to avoid traffic, so getting to take it easy and enjoy the views when the sun was up was an extra treat! You get the best of both worlds with gorgeous beaches as well as green mountains and fields! We drove past the UCSB campus and grabbed some Chipotle as a mid-day rest stop and it feels weird how much younger everyone there seems. Kyle and I were talking about how it doesn’t really feel like we’re getting older, just that everyone else seems to be getting younger haha.

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Once we got to our hotel, Kyle took off to the SLO campus for some testing with a professor there and I settled in to answer some emails. He was only gone for an hour or so since he doesn’t need to spend too much time at the lab, but I was able to power through my inboxes by the time he came back. I’m grateful for a flexible job that let’s me take my work on the road!

It’s been raining like crazy here in California, so Kyle and I decided that pho at a local restaurant would make the perfect dinner. We both ordered a bowl and dug in. There’s something so comforting about warm broth coupled with gloomy weather!

Kyle pho

The rest of our night was spent relaxing, getting a little bit more work done, and heading to bed early. I haven’t been sleeping that well since I got back from my Vegas trip (waking up every 1-2 hours) and that night was no exception. I randomly woke up at around 3 am with the WORST upper stomach ache and took a super early morning bath to try to make the cramping go away. Not too much luck, so I just had to wait it out before finally being able to drift off to sleep. Kyle was a champ, though, and quietly let me sleep in till 8:30 even though we had made plans the night before to get in a good workout before heading out to a coffee shop. We spent the rest of the morning with Kyle working remotely and me trying to get in some more sleep + rest off my uneasy stomach.

Kyle working-1-2

I’m typing up this mini recap while Kyle is out at the lab, but we’ll be finishing up the day with some pepto bismol for me, dinner, and hopefully a movie! I’ve heard rave things about Hidden Figures and Kyle and I are both super excited to see it.

Hope you all are having a great week!

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