Hello from Canada

Hello from Canada! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged with all the holiday madness, photography sessions and weddings, and traveling to Canada for some post-Christmas skiing with the family. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and aren’t having too much trouble settling back into work and normal life :).

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So Canada! It was a pretty last minute decision for me to come up here, since originally I wasn’t planning on traveling due to a wedding on the 30th that I will be photographing. However, I felt super left out with the rest of my family + cousins getting excited about the trip, so I decided to only stay for 5 days and come home a few days earlier than them. We left at 4:30 am on Christmas Day (we’ve always celebrated on Christmas Eve) and arrived at my family’s condo here in the early evening.

We unpacked, changed into some warmer clothes, and went to grab a late lunch and do a little gear shopping.

The next day we were up early to get ready (putting on all of our ski gear is NO joke) and set out for the slopes! It snowed heavily the entire day and, towards the top of the mountain, it was white-out conditions. You seriously could not tell the earth from the sky since everything was just a brilliant white! We took a break for a lunch of chili, stew, and waffles before setting out again.


With the sun setting so early here, we were done skiing by 3 and stomped back to the house to warm up and relax. We went to an Irish-style pub for dinner and feasted on fish and chips, bangers and mash, guinness, and other eats!

The rest of our week has looked pretty similar to our first day skiing! They’ve mostly followed the pattern of waking up, getting ready, skiing, eating good food, skiing, eating good food, and sleep haha. Here’s a collection of iPhone photos from when we braved taking off our gloves for a second ;).

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A few other random thoughts:

  • It’s been snowing so heavily! I can’t remember ever seeing snow falling and it’s been coming down in big fat clumps. I feel like I’m in a snow globe! Also, side note, I had NO idea that snowflakes actually look like the pictures/drawings of them! I always thought that pretty design was always a glorified depiction until I caught a snowflake our first full day here and was like OMG!!$#% IT’S REAL!! They are so beautiful.
  • Canadian news is basically 50% about what’s happening in the US.
  • Canadian chili has mashed potatoes in it and it’s essentially the best thing ever.
  • My dad somehow pulled his groin… putting on a sock.

If anyone is looking to rent a place in Whistler (right by the mountains + restaurants!) shoot me an email! My parents rent out the condo when we aren’t using it and it’s a great place to stay!

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