October Favorites

I know, I know. A monthly “favorites” recap should be posted on the first of the next month, but ya girl doesn’t have it all together when it comes to blogging lately ;) . I haven’t made a habit of writing a post summarizing my favorites from each previous month, but want to start since it seems like a great way to collect my thoughts together in one coherent (if not all over the place) post.

Here are some things I loved in October!

Halloween Costume Planning

For the past 4 years, Kyle and I have been pretty bad when it comes to our costume game. Our first two years at UCSB, Halloween was crazy. The streets were packed with out-of-towners who heard about how huge halloween was at our school, we had riots, police on horseback, and tear gas sprayed. Yikes yikes yikes. The school cracked down on everything and did an impressive job in calming things down and creating an anti-outsiders environment. The madness + having heavy course loads and not having much time to figure out costumes left Kyle and I either not dressing up, or putting on a flannel and cowboy hat and calling it a day. This year, I had more free time to plan and put more effort into making/planning or costumes.

We dressed up as a fireman + dalmatian :).

Dalmatian Fireman Halloween Costume Dalmatian Fireman Halloween Costume

Along with our costumes, I stumbled upon a little ghost headband at the store, took one look at their go-lucky, blindly happy expressions and knew I had to get them for Tucker. While he wouldn’t stand them on his head, we tucked the headband on to his collar and he went the whole day not even noticing they were there. I LOVE THIS DOG.


Finding  a Pair of Jeans I Love

I’ve always had chunkier legs. I swear, if I took next to my mom and you looked at our legs from the waist down, you would laugh at how similar they are.

Downside? I have the legs of an almost 50 year old.

Upside? When I’m 50 hopefully I’ll have the legs of a 22 year old ;) .

Growing up, I was always subconscious about having thicker legs and calves and always hated shopping for pants. Going jean shopping always meant so much tugging and effort to get the pants over my legs (especially since I’m stubborn and always tried on sizes smaller than I really am haha) and always disliking how they looked. I went to TJ Maxx and was DETERMINED to buy some pants, and found this pair for $16 (!). They are high waisted, stretchy, so comfy, and really flattering!


Honey Lattes

Still obsessed with these honey lattes! I posted about them a while back once my uncle blew my mind on how amazing a latte tastes with just a small bit of honey. I start each day with a homemade double-shot honey latte while I answer emails and it’s the perfect way to jumpstart my day.

One special ingredient turns a latte into the BEST coffee you've ever had!

Baking “Just Because”

You know those days where you’re just in a funk? Either something set you off or rubbed you the wrong way, or you’re just having an off day? I’ve had a few off days in the last month and the best cure I’ve found to remedy them is baking just because. Nothing cures a case of the sads as well as cookie dough or, my personal favorite, a batch of boxed brownies.



Pinterest-ing for Our Future Apartment

Kyle and I will probably be getting our own apartment in the next 6-10 months, so I’m kicking up my Pinterest game. I’m trying to not fixate too much on the kitchen since it will most likely be small, but I do have an idea of what I want in terms of a living room! I like clean, open, lots of white, and mostly light colors with maybe an accent color to pop.


And that’s all she wrote! Happy November!

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    I love your fireman + dalmation costume almost as much as I love the ghost headband on Tucker! What a cute pup.

    And I really like your apartment inspiration pictures- the mostly white/neutral color scheme with just a bit of a color pop is so in these days and I love how it looks!