The Perfect siggi’s dairy and Avocado Toast Breakfast

A big thanks to siggi’s for partnering with me so I can share #mydailysiggis breakfast with you!


Today we’re talking breakfast! More specifically, an easy breakfast recipe (it couldn’t be simpler!) that is also good for ya, high in protein, and ready in just a few minutes. siggi’s is helping me conquer the breakfast dilemma one day at a time!

Sometimes, simple is best. This is especially true when it involves figuring out what to eat for your morning meal as you rush to get ready and out the door to work or school. I have a bad habit of forgetting to eat the most important meal of the day when I’m in a hurry, which always leaves me feeling grumpy and impatient for the rest of the morning. My concentration goes waaayyy down since my whole body is screaming for FOOD, and I’m watching the clock waiting anxiously for lunch.

But it’s an easy fix, really. And I’ve been working on it! I’ve found that giving myself an extra 10 minute grace period to sit down with a good breakfast, a cup of coffee, and some quiet does wonders for my general happiness and lets me ease into the day. I’m the kind of person who will get out of bed and head straight to my laptop to start on emails, which leaves me irritable and fuzzy-brained. A little bit of a transition period filled with deeeelicious food and caffeine is just what I need to not be grouchy for the rest of the morning.
The Perfect Avocado Toast

This siggi’s dairy and avocado toast has it all. The key ingredient is the siggi’s yogurt, which is a thick strained yogurt from Iceland that is all natural and made with not a lot of sugar. If you’re looking for the perfect high-protein breakfast or snack, siggi’s has you covered. It stands out from other yogurt brands because it’s made from simple ingredients (from happy grass-fed cows on family farms!) and has at least 25% less sugar than leading flavored yogurts. Each cup of siggi’s has more protein than sugar per cup, so it’s also a perfect stand alone snack (and avocado toast ingredient!) that goes great with some fresh honey or farmer’s market berries.


To make this easy avocado and siggi’s breakfast, just mash together a ripe avocado with a few dollops of siggi’s plain 0% Skyr and top a piece of toasted bread with it! Once everything is set in place, add some halved tomato pieces and sprinkle with pepper and sea salt. Perfection. It’s one of those miracle “recipes” (put in quotes because this combo of ingredients is almost too simple to earn that name) that has a taste-to-difficulty ratio that’s off the charts. And it’s filling, thanks to the high protein content in siggi’s and the healthy avocado fats!

The perfect healthy Avocado Toast recipe!

The Perfect siggi’s dairy and Avocado Toast Breakfast
  • 1-2 slices bread
  • ½ avocado
  • 3 Tbs siggi’s Plain 0% Skyr
  • Halved cherry tomatoes
  • Pepper and sea salt to taste
  1. Toast the bread.
  2. While the bread is toasting, mash together the avocado and siggi’s Plain 0% Skyr. Top the bread with the avocado-siggi mixture and halved cherry tomatoes and sprinkle with pepper and sea salt.

Special thanks to siggi’s dairy for partnering with Apple of My Eye for this special blog post.

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    LOVE love love Siggi’s! It’s pretty much the only ice cream I eat these days since I find most other yogurts way too sweet! And I adore how thick and creamy Siggi’s is, with so much protein!