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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chaatz. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi party people!

Today I’m shifting the focus away from food to focus more on lifestyle! More specifically, I’m talking about how you can make your day-to-day communication more exciting and personalized with the Chaatz messaging app!

Falling Out of Love with Blogging

Raise your hand if you don’t spend enough time with friends and family. Ahem. ME. I realized once I left college that keeping in touch with people is hard. I work mostly from home so it’s usually just my cat and I until Kyle gets home from work. Coming from a lifestyle where I had 10 of my friends living in the same house as me, it’s been rough. I’ve found that keeping in touch with people is hard and normal texting just seems lackluster. You guys know what I mean. Those times when you try to start up a conversation to get back in touch but it just ends up tapering off once the initial normal catching-up talk wears off. It’s missing a dimension that Chaatz is able to bring on board with their text comic strips, in-app gaming, photomojis, and doodles! Instead of just a boring conversation, you can communicate on a whole new level that brings out your personality in a way that plain text never can!

Let’s talk a little more about my favorite features that help bring my conversations to life!

Games- with Chaatz, taking a work break is easy! I like to distract Kyle when he’s working by starting up a game of checkers, 4-in-a-row, or battleship. It’s a fun way to break up a case of boredom and I can’t deny that it’s fun adding some friendly competition to our relationship!

Doodles- okay, first thing ya gotta know about this one is that I have exactly zero artistic skill when it comes to drawing. Like, my ability to draw is pretty similar to that of a 5 year old. That doesn’t stop me, however, from sending really terrible doodles to Kyle that range from misshapen hearts to stick figures. Lucky for me, he thinks they’re ugly-cute ;).


I love that Chaatz gives gives you the freedom to express who you are and what you’re feeling in a safe and secure environment and that it helps keep you connected to your friends and family by letting you send doodles, photos, and play games when you don’t feel like simply typing away! It takes the pressure off from trying to hold a conversation when you don’t have any words to say.

I’ve had a blast with the app and know you will too! Head on over and download the app and be sure to share your experience with Chaaatz and let me know which feature you feel lets you express yourself the most!


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