Norway Recap #2: Viking Ships & Fjords

Hi party people!

How was your weekend? Are you soaking in the 4th of July? I hope you have the day off from school/work and can take some time to relax with your friends and family! I’m currently still in Norway and won’t be back in the States for the 4th, but Oslo actually has the second biggest 4th of July celebration in the world (other than the US, of course). Sadly, we missed the partying by a few days since we had only stopped in to Oslo for a half day or so to visit family friends, but I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s get to recapping.


I last left off with a few beautiful photos of the Norwegian fjords in my first recap. This was actually my first time visiting the fjords since, usually, my trips to Norway growing up were spent more around Oslo and the family farm that belongs to my uncle. Spoiler: the fjords are everything you could dream of and more. You have steep green cliffs bordering the edges of the water, cool breezes, reflective water that sometimes makes it feel like the earth and sky are touching, and so much more. It’s quite hard to explain how fantastically beautiful they are in words!

So, I guess a few iPhone photos will have to do ;)

IMG_1794 Norway Fjords-1Norway Fjords-2

The above photos were all taken on a ferry on the Geiranger fjord, which contains the famous Seven Sisters Waterfall, a world heritage site. It was a bit cloudy/gloomy the first day we saw the fjords, but even that can’t take away from how wonderful they are.

The next was spent in Valldall, Norway’s youngest national park, visiting a family friend who used to be the pastor at a Norwegian church close to my hometown in California. He relocated back to Norway and we stayed with his wife and kids at their fjord-side home. He and his wife offer rides on the fjord on their replica viking ship — seriously!— and offered to take us out for a private experience. We got to take the oars out and row to the other side of the fjord and the ship even came with detachable wooden shields. Perfect for all of the raiding and plundering we were hoping to find time to do 😉. It ended up being one my favorite memories so far on the trip, not only because it was one of the most unique things I’ve ever done in my life, but also because we got to experience the fjords more intimately  without tons of tourists surrounding us.

And, well, because we were on a viking ship!

Norway Fjords-4 Norway Fjords-7 Norway Fjords-5

There were times when we were able to steer the ship so close to the bottom of the cliffs that we could have drank from the waterfalls and picked mussels off their sides for dinner. Morton, the man who runs the viking ship tours, has formed a bond with the local eagles who recognize the ship and come for a tasty fish snack. A few times on the ship, he threw out a fish he had recently caught and we got to watch huge eagles fly down from the top of the cliffs where they nest and swoop down into the fjords to grab them. Pretty cool!

I wish I could have gotten some better photos of it, but was limited to my phone since I had left my camera behind.

Norway Fjords-6

As much as I’d like to talk more, I’m on the run today! We’re off to the family cabin out in the woods and have a full day planned. Chat with you guys more soon!

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