Friday Favorites #5

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? I’ll be second shooting a wedding on Saturday for my wedding photography friend, Natalie, and then on Sunday I’ll be catching up on studying, blog work, and editing. Busy busy!

Let’s just jump into some of my current favorites:

Getting a new iPhone!

new iPhone

This one is long overdue. My old phone had gone through the crapper with me. Literally. Like, I accidentally dropped it into a toilet once (nothing in it but water, but still). Apart from it being old and slow, it suffered countless falls, would quit out of apps if they took longer than a few seconds to load, had zero space left on it, and (the final straw) was not receiving text messages from family, friends, and photography clients. I went in yesterday to my local at&t store and picked up a shiny new rose gold iPhone 6. I’m in love!

Tina’s Seaglass Necklaces

Tina's Sea Glass-1 Tina's Sea Glass-2 Tina's Sea Glass-3

My housemate, Kristina, started selling her beautiful handmade sea glass necklaces and recently opened up an Etsy store! I’ve been sporting my necklace for weeks now and love how beachy and dainty it is. All the sea glass is found right here on the beaches of Santa Barbara and she carefully picks each piece!

Visit her store —> HERE

Rediscovering old photos of baby Tucker

So much awwwwww <3.

Tucker Photos

My recipe for Healthy No-Bake Energy Cookies

No-Bake Energy Cookies that are done in less than one minute and only take 4 ingredients! They taste just like cookie dough, but they are super healthy!!

Because anytime a healthy recipe tastes like cookie dough (and not just in the”it’s good for being healthy way”), it deserves a spot in my Friday favorites! These cookies are made with just four ingredients and are done in less than a minute. WHAT.

Dates in general…

I may be late to the party on this one, but dates! I love them! They are so versatile and I’m excited to start incorporating them into more recipes. Kyle initially got my first bag for those no-bake energy cookies and I’m going to be making another deeeeeeelicious recipe today.

And that’s all I have for you guys! I was racking my brain for more favorites and kept on drawing blanks.

Question: What are some of your favorites this week?

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