Thanksgiving Recap

And just like that, Thanksgiving is over.

Does it surprise anyone else how quickly it comes and go? I feel like there’s so much buildup for holidays and then BOOM! The day is done and you’re in a 3 day food coma. Anyone else feel the same?

Thanksgiving Photos-6

Anywho, here’s how my Thanksgiving went!

I drove back from Santa Barbara on Tuesday night after a wedding consultation and, even though it only took me two and a half hours, I was exhausted. There’s something about driving at night that gets my brain extra tired (maybe it’s the flash of all the car lights?) and I ended up nibbling on some food and heading straight to bed. The next morning I ran to the grocery store for some emergency ceramic pie pans, grabbed a dirty chai latte from Starbucks, and came back home to reply to some emails and watch/smell the Thanksgiving magic happen. Since I’ve been crazy busy with balancing classes, the blog, and my photography work, my mom and sister took over most of the cooking and I only helped with making a sweet potato dish and three apple pies.

Side note: MAKE THESE PIES. I kid you not when I say that Grandma Ople’s Apple Pie recipe is my all-time favorite food. You make an easy 5 minutes caramel sauce which is then poured over the apple slices. The apples bake in the caramel sauce (THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!) and it it pure heaven. The only adjustment I make is to put a little sea salt into the cooking caramel. Drool. Also, please don’t judge me when I say I use the pre-made Pillsbury pie crusts. I’ve never ever had a better homemade pie crust and it takes so much of the work out!

Thanksgiving Photos-1 Thanksgiving Photos-3

My family has a tradition of coming together around noon and eating a Thanksgiving lunch. Then, we all hangout, digest, and watch football and gradually make our way back to the food around dinner once everyone starts getting hungry again. Once everyone arrived at my parent’s house, we dug in to mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed corn, homemade bread, cranberry sauce and jello, salad, brown sugar crumble sweet potatoes, vegetables, and of course, plenty of turkey. I filled up an enormous plate and had a few glasses of wine. We lounged for a little before heading into the front yard to take some Christmas photos.

Thanksgiving Photos-4 Thanksgiving Photos-5 Thanksgiving Photos-7 Thanksgiving Photos-2 Thanksgiving Photos-8 Thanksgiving Photos-9

After a few hours, Kyle and I drove the short 10 minutes over to his house to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner. My enormous plate of food in hindsight was a mistake because I was OUT for the day and could barely eat anything and was only able to nibble at my food. We watched one of the Star Wars movies and played with Tucker before calling it a night.

Thanksgiving Photos-12

The rest of the weekend has been spent working on an essay and studying, photographing a few sessions, and trying to catch up on everything before the madness of finals week sets in. Pray for me! :shock:

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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