Growing Your Blog the Unconventional Way

One of us started making a comfortable part-time income while balancing a taxing full-time degree.

One of us doesn’t go below $800 for a sponsored post.

One of us is always featured top row of photo sharing websites….using artificial light.

One of us doubled our traffic during the infamous ‘Summer Blogging Drought’

One of us has used their blog as a resume, which has seen them obtain very well paid freelance written and photography work and national recognition.

One of us went from a steady 250,000 monthly page views to over 1 million monthly page views.

We both started blogging mid-2013 as a hobby with no specific directions. Exactly 2 years later, we’ve both changed paths and are both making a very comfortable full-time income solely off our blogs and the opportunities blogging and photography have brought us.

We didn’t follow the rules. We found our own unconventional ways of growing our blogs and it’s worked.


Blog Strategy + Photography = Successful growth.

That is how the two of were able to go from working full-time corporate jobs/studying for a medical degree to be able to move away from both realms completely and make our blogs our careers.

You often hear people say that to achieve blog growth or to be able to make an income from it, you need to be ‘lucky’.

We call B.S.

Maybe there are a few unicorns out there who may have experienced it but let’s be real here- There’s a ton of work that goes into it at the start.

The photography Side-

Your blog is your brand. In an image-based industry, content is only as good as the photos you put forth. I’m ready to share all my tips and tricks to get your photography accepted to the top row of Foodgawker and have companies and sponsors lining up to work with you. It’s not hard.  I’ll show you my exact workflow and take your photos to the next level overnight, even if you don’t have a fancy camera.

Before and After Food Photos

The blog growth and social media Side-

Growing your blog- Pageviews + Income wise

Statistics. Numbers. Income. Numbers.


If you plan on making a decent full time or even part time income from your blog, you need to be somewhat strategic. However, when we say ‘strategic’, it’s not in the mainstream or often discussed ways.

We’ve worked out a proven strategy that has worked for the both of us.

The numbers don’t lie.

Blog Growth Collage

What are we offering?

It’s simple.

Exclusive blog growth and photography improvement coaching in a one on one environment. A successfully trialled and tested social media and blogging strategy which results in a steady increase of page views and overall social media growth. This will be tailored to you, along with photography mentoring and step-by-step, face-to-face photography tutorials- With emphasis on using artificial lighting, both DSLR and  non-DSLR cameras, and how to insanely edit your photos with just a few clicks of  your mouse.

We get it. There’s free content out there and a myriad of information with one easy click. However, we will be implementing with you a strategy which will provide long-term benefits and NOT a quick fix.

You’re heard of bloggers out there who lament about a ‘lucky’ month because X or Y publication shared their recipe or they were highlighted in some round-up which drove traffic to their site.

That’s nice….

Until the next month comes and you stagnate again.

What’s important to us and makes this initiative stand out from anything out there is the personalised and exclusive approach. A specifically tailored strategy to suit YOUR blog, YOUR content. YOUR social media presence and YOUR photography content.

While the two of us both have the same strategy, it’s different in terms of our different content, posting schedule and style- Yet it’s been successful. Also- We WON’T be taking on any more than five bloggers at one time because of the exclusivity and personalised nature of it.


Interested in learning more?  You can with a free face to face consultation with the both of us where we explain it all in full detail

Easy. Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

Cheers. #teamchristinearman

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