Weekend Recap & Exciting Things to Come…

Our normal weekend recap will resume after a few words about some exciting things to come…


One of us started making a comfortable part-time income while balancing a taxing full time degree.

One of us doesn’t go below $800 for a sponsored post.

One of us is always featured on the top row of photo sharing websites….using artificial light.

One of us doubled our traffic during the infamous ‘Summer Blogging Drought’

One of us has used their blog as a resume, which has seen them obtain very well paid freelance written and photography work and national recognition.

One of us went from a stagnant 250,000 monthly page views to over 1 million monthly page views.

We both started blogging mid 2013 as a hobby with no specific directions. Exactly 2 years later, we’ve both changed paths and are both making a very comfortable full time income solely off our blogs and the opportunities blogging and photography have brought us.

We didn’t follow the rules. We found our own unconventional ways of growing our blogs and it’s worked.

I’m stoked to be teaming up with Arman from The Big Man’s World to provide a new and unconventional way of growing your blog.

Stay tuned.

So let’s get to recapping my weekend!

Saturday started off bright and early for me as I got up around 6:30 in the morning, took care of some blog work and replying to emails, and then slapped on some makeup so I looked presentable for the wedding I was photographing that day with my photography mentor, Matt. I lucked out in that Kyle and his roommate Raamis were planning on driving up to Santa Barbara to move furniture into their new house and was able to grab a ride up to the venue instead of driving up myself.


You guys. This wedding

Garret and Grace-2

It was absolutely beautiful and the perfect mix of fancier details, charm, and intimacy. It is exactly what I want my wedding to be like (with a different color palette) and I was only juuuust able to hold back the tears during the ceremony. This sounds corny, but the air was fairly thick with love and you could have cut through it with a knife. The officiant was so well spoken and had everyone laughing, smiling, and crying with her hilarious and heartwarming words about the couple’s love story, personalities, and little quirks. I didn’t even know the couple personally and yet I was so incredibly touched!

And look at all these beautiful Italian details! Their wedding favors were different colored Italian tiles and I love the unique touches such as the gelato cart for dessert and lemons/oranges as accents on the tables.

Garret and Grace-1

After photographing the wedding, Kyle picked me up on his way down from our college town and we drove back home. Kyle is the most glorious person ever and bought me a burrito to eat in the car (true love if I ever saw it) and, by the time I got home, I was exhausted and went straight to bed. It was a great day!

Sunday was much more low-key and involved getting up around 7, taking care of some blog work, editing a few photos from the wedding the day before, and going on a morning trail walk with Kyle. He has been killing it at work, but I don’t see him that much since he’s been going into SpaceX headquarters at 6:30 a.m and hasn’t been getting home till around 7:30 at night. Him being so busy makes me truly appreciate the time we do get to spend together and it was wonderful being able to catchup while getting in a little exercise. His internship ends this upcoming Friday and we’ll be heading back up for school the week after, so it’s only for a little longer as he gets through the last grind!


After our walk, we headed out to Starbucks to settle in, get caffeinated, and have a productive few hours of freelance editing and responding to emails (for me) and working on some sort of aerospace project (for him). Two iced caramel macchiatos with a side of giraffe notebook, please!


After getting a good amount of work done at Starbucks, we headed home and I did a bit more editing before getting ready to eat dinner out with Kyle and my cousin, William, and see a movie. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan our time that well and ended up missing our movie. The food more than made up for it, though! And it ended up being a really nice evening.


And that brings us to now! After I get this post all written up and add in the photos, I’m planning on crashing and hitting the hay early. I still have that post-wedding hangover that comes with being on your feet all day and dehydrated from not having time to drink anything. It gets ya tired!

I know Arman and I are being pretty vague about out upcoming project, but if you’re a blogger who is looking to take things to the next level, keep checking back for updates! We have lots of exciting plans that we can’t wait to announce!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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    Wow – I can’t wait to see what you’re going to share in the near future. I’ve been blogging for a while and wish I had a better idea of how to continue growing…so you better believe I’ll be checking back!

    Also….I love that you two hang out and work at Starbucks on such different types of tasks. It’s awesome!

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