Tangy Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie

 Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie

The mango obsession is unreal right now, you guys. It’s gotten to the point where I’m eating at least 1-2 huge ones everyday and unripe mangoes have become the bane of my existence. This might seem a little drastic, but I think I like them more than Kyle. 

I kid, I kid. 

Speaking of Kyle, get this. He’s been having these weird allergic reactions to something that cause him to puff up like a chipmunk (don’t worry, he’s a cute chipmunk). We’re not sure what is it, but they sometimes spring up the day after he eats, you guessed it, mangoes. GASP. I think he’s doing it to spite me…

But you know what? This mango-obsessed girl will not be stopped. Scratch that, she CAN’T be stopped. My mindset is eat aaaallll the mangoes and in any way, shape, or form possible. Today’s daily dose of the good stuff? This Tangy Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie! 

Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie 3

I actually did this recipe up before I left for Hawaii since I had this adorbs little vision in my head of posting Hawaiian-themed recipes a few days when I was gone. I did pretty well with my Best-Ever White Chocolate Macademia Nut Cookies, but after that, my enthusiasm tinkered off as I came back exhausted from the chores of swimming on the beach and going zodiac riding with dolphins and pilot whales all day. Did I mention all the delicious food I ate? My jaw got a serious workout and hardly had any time to rest. I think I pulled a jaw-muscle and I had to ice it with ice cream most nights. It’s a hard life ;)

My point is I got lazy. So this tangy smoothie is coming at ya’ll a little late and doesn’t have that OMGZ posted-in-hawaii charm to it, but better late than never, no? It’s packed with a base of vanilla greek yogurt that contributes the protein punch and creamy texture, along with mangoes which add all that is good in the world. Not to mention it only has 4 ingredients that you simply throw into a blender and BOOM. Instant yumminess. 

Quick note, I’ve tried this with plain greek yogurt before and it was a bit too tangy for my taste. The vanilla adds a perfect sweetness! 

Make. Sip. Carry on my mango legacy.

Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie 2

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Tangy Vanilla Mango Protein Smoothie
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • ⅔ cup orange juice
  • 1 cup nonfat vanilla greek yogurt
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  1. Throw all yo' ingredients willy-nilly into that blender and BLEND BLEND BLEND.
  2. Pour into a fancy mason jar and decorate with twine and paper straws.
  3. Enjoy!
Nutrition calculated with Dannon Light and Fit Greek Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ½ recipe Calories: 150 Fat: 0.5g Saturated fat: 0.1g Carbohydrates: 26.9g Sugar: 24g Sodium: 40mg Fiber: 1.7g Protein: 12.5g Cholesterol: 7.5mg



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  1. says

    I laugh every single time I read something you write – indeed, icing with ice cream is the best way to go – but I wish that I could do that with my knees ;)
    Also, I can’t remember if I said this before or not, but I nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger award :)
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted…#Summerstyle Goals RecapMy Profile
  2. says

    I wish I ate more mangoes.. but they’re not too common around here and way too expensive! And your comment about getting bumps from pineapple? I used to get that too! I read an article saying it’s from when you eat the pieces closest to the core – you know the hard-ish ones? Yeah. I’m not sure if it’s totally true, but I’m going to try it next time I eat pineapple!
    Leigha @ The Yooper Girl recently posted…Utah – The Food!My Profile
  3. says

    I LOVE mango. Unfortunately, no one else in my family does so it is a rarity for me to eat! I cannot believe Kyle might be allergic to mangoes! If that were me, I think I would choose to be a chubby chipmunk rather than lead the rest of my life mango-less. I am semi-sad that there was not a picture with Kyle’s chubby cheeks though, if I am being honest, though I do understand why he would not want that on your blog. ;) Everyday I find more and more reasons that have helped me decide that we are destined to be best friends considering you are obsessed with mangoes! PS: Have you posted anymore on Savory Style? I’d love to check those out!

  4. says

    There’s not much that can come between me and my beloved (3+ per day) apples, but mangoes aaaaaaalmost do it. ;) I can only imagine how delicious this would be with fresh Hawaiian mango…swoon. Alas, the Canadian over here will make do with frozen and it will still be wonderful!

    Also, that’s so weird about his allergy! My boss is (kind of) allergic to chocolate – it gives him migraines. Tragic, hey?
    Emma @ Life’s A Runner recently posted…The Last Thinking Out Loud.My Profile

  5. says

    I just found this amazing trick to peeling mangos from thekitchn. Basically, you halve them, then rub the halves against the lip of a glass. Voila, the mango comes away in one piece and hardly any still tuck to the peel. Going to have to give this a try now!