Thinking Out Loud: Prom & Other Thoughts

Hi friends, hope your week is going well! I’m linking up with Amanda today for a post filled with random thoughts and reflections. Thanks, Amanda, for hosting!

1. First off, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind and sincere words regarding Monday’s post. Kyle and I were fortunate to have left to go home for the weekend a few hours before the shooting started and heard the news from the safety of our hometown. My school is still in shock, but we are all doing are best to try to return to some sense of normalcy and classes have resumed after a long Memorial weekend and a designated day of mourning on Tuesday. Sending all of you big hugs.

2. Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I haven’t shared what my long weekend included! On Saturday, I tagged along with Kyle and his parents to go take some pictures of his little brother’s prom. It felt like just yesterday that Kyle and I were at our senior prom and it was SO bizarre to see all the youngins all dressed up! We drove over to some of the nearby cliffs for a quick photoshoot with a million other high schoolers and I snapped a few keepers.

DSC_2161 adam DSC_2166 DSC_2168
Funny thing: whenever I upload pictures of Adam to Facebook, it automatically tries to tag him as Kyle from their Facebook recognition technology. every. single. time. Other than it being kinda annoying to have to click a million times to tag a picture correctly, I think it’s cute that they look so similar. Good genes in that family!

Annnnnnd since I couldn’t resist, throwback to our prom!

Prom! DSC_1041_2

I promise he likes me :shock: :shock: . 

3. Remember how I mentioned that I was working on some new freelance projects? Well, here’s my latest recipe! So much cheese. So much love <3.


4. BABY CHICKS. Kyle’s family has a small barn in their backyard and just got a new batch of chicks in. Nuff’ said.

5. Meet my newfound love. We’ve only just been introduced, but I think it’s the start of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship. And no, I don’t have a new boyfriend, just a new topping for my morning oatmeal. Homemade candied sea salt pecans. Swoon.


And since it’s 12:30 and my arms feel like they’re going to fall off from the gym, it’s time to stop typing and hit the hay. Have a great Thursday, all! 

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  1. says

    So glad you were not around for the traumatizing event that happened at your school! I am praying for you guys and that everything returns to normal soon!
    Those prom pictures made me miss being in high school, oh how I wish I could just go back :)
    Hilary recently posted…Crossfit Review!My Profile
  2. says

    Your pictures from prom are great! Kyle and his brother look sooo similar! Love your throwback prom picture too!

    Your chicken pasta recipe sounds delicious! Thanks to you I’ve been looking into freelance work on Odesk and I have a few decent offers, but we’ll see!
    Sky @ The Blonde In Black recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #5My Profile

  3. says

    I legit had to do a double take when I saw that picture of Adam on Twitter — I thought it was Kyle from a funny angle! :lol: And those candied pecans — omg. I started clawing at the screen when I saw the pics in the SS library — can’t wait to see more of ’em ;)
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #80 .My Profile
  4. Autumn Wieland says

    Wow those 2 do look a lot a like! Awww, of course he likes you, or he wouldn’t wait around for an hour while you take pics. to eat! True love, true love. Yum! My mom makes candied pecans for Christmas and their eaten like straight from the bag! soooo healthy. ;) and your pasta dish looks yumma!
  5. says

    I always think it’s so fun to go back and look at prom pictures from back in the day. Crazy to think I’ve been out of HS for 6 years and college for 2 already.
    Glad you’re safe and were able to get out of there. it’s a scary world we live in…
  6. says

    Wow!! Adam looks so much like Kyle… that’s so funny that Facebook always mixes them up! Also, you and Kyle are sooooo cute!! :)