WIAW: New Things & Let’s Eat All the Peaches

First of all, I’m super excited to share my new layout! I worked with freelancer on a site called oDesk, and he made a graphic character out of my likeness. How cool, right?! 

It took me the longest time to make my banner because I kept on tweaking the font, debating whether or not my giraffe should be wearing a chef hat (the struggle), etc.

Overall, I’m happy with it, though! Let me know if you think I should add a background or keep in clean and white. :)

Second of all, I added a new “My Favs” page that list a couple of my favorite things involving my daily life and blogging. I’ll be adding more to it shortly, but feel free to check it out!

And lastly, tune in sometime within the next few days for a Quest Bar sampler giveaway! Woot woot!

Now, on to the food! 

Breakfast: A super juicy peach and a slice of whole wheat bread with a good shmear of PB.


Lunch: A big ol’ sweet potato hash with onions, red bell pepper, lean ground beef, garlic, and corn. It definitely hit the spot and I’m planning on repeating this combo soon!


Ice Cream Break: Because every day deserves one. 


Pre-Workout Snack: Another juicy peach (obsessed) and some blueberries!


Dinner: Finally getitng in some greens for the day! Dinner consisted of a Chinese chicken salad and hummus. 

IMG_3067So those are today’s eats! Tons of good stuff in mahhh belleh.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have been munching on!

xo Christine


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    Such a yummy day! That salad especially caught my eye – add in the ice cream sandwich and I’ll take it as dinner tonight after kickboxing :) . Btw – I love the giraffe chef and your graphic character, but the writing on “Healthy food & fitness…” seems to be enlarged and pixelated. Is the original of the same size as your design displays it?
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    Love the new header. I especially like the giraffe rocking some sweet shades. He’s way too cool =) Ha Ha !

    I’ve never had a chinese chicken salad, but yours looks delicious !

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    The new layout looks awesome, girl! And good choice going with the chef’s hat ;)

    I’ve been eating my body weight in peaches this summer, and I just can’t seem to get enough. I blame it on the fact that a) I have way too many peaches lying around and I can’t let them go bad, and b) peaches are just freaking amazing at this time of the year.

    Happy Wednesday!

    • says

      Hahah thanks ;). Sometimes life throws hard decisions at you, and I guess I made the right one haha!

      I agree!! I have a couple more left and have a strong feeling that they won’t last long!

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    Cool new header! I like the change-up :)

    You and Meghan are seriously killing me with all of this peach lovin. We have so many peaches at home but I keep on forgetting to whip something up! *Fingers crossed* that they’re still good when I get home this weekend!

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    Love the new look and your cool graphic likeness! I loved your spunky old background but I’m a big fan of the clean look too, and I think the banner still captures your personality (at least from what I know in blog world!) :)

    P.S. amen to ice cream breaks!

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    I love your layout!! I’m a big fan of a plain background, but that’s just me liking things clean and simple. Also, there’s always an excuse for an ice cream break. Always.
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    The new layout is too cute! I love the little chef’s hat. Good choice! And I would keep it nice and white. It seems like a nice, clean layout!

    Which skinny cow ice cream is your favorite? I always want to try them but I hate buying things I end up not liking! There’s so many flavors so I want to get a good one!

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      I really like the ice cream sandwiches they have! I got a big value pack that has the inside being vanilla/chocolate, and I love the vanilla one! They don’t taste “skinny” at all and I’ve been enjoying at least one a day since I got them haha :)
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      I cooked my sweet potato using the lazy-girl technique and just microwaved it while I sautéed my onions/grown beef/corn/etc. One it was done, I cut it up and just mixed it in the pan! So simple and under 10 minutes :D
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    Not gonna lie, this is my first time on your site so I don’t know what the old version looked like but I think the header is so cute! I am so peach/nectarine obsessed… I have like 3 a day! Sad the season is almost over..
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    Your header. I can’t even. For the record, I love the font and the chef hat. :) I remember over the summer my mom would buy like 25 peaches at a time and expect my sister and I to eat it all before they went bad. Not that we had that much trouble with that. ;)
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    With everybody in the blog world eating peaches left and right I’d better get myself some before the season’s over, I guess :). Adding them to oat bran would likely be awesome – or plain, obviously. I’ve been neglecting the ‘regular’ for donut peaches in past years, though.
    As I had yet to comment on it: gorgeous new picture of you in the sidebar, girl!