I Ran… And It Was Good.

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to running. 


I’ve noticed that when I get into a habit of lacing up my shoes and running a couple of times a week, I actually crave and look forward to my runs. As soon as I stop, though, just thinking about running makes me dread it. The firs run back is definitely the hardest.

 I’m really trying to break out of my running inconsistency, especially since the weather is starting to get colder and I don’t have the “omg I can’t run because it’s 80 degrees outside” excuse. 

And yes, I’m a temperature snob and consider anything above 72 degrees to be too hot for running haha.

 Anyways, I got in my first run since forever on Saturday and ran an easy 3 miles on the treadmill at my gym. It actually wasn’t as awful as I expected, and I surprised myself by running at a 9:30 pace. Once upon a time I could run a sub-7 minute mile without really training (club soccer will do that to ya), but I’m happy with that time as a starting point. I’m so glad that it wasn’t too painful, because now I’m on an extended runner’s high and feel like working towards a goal. 

 Ultimately, I’d like to run a half marathon (Beth’s training is starting to motivate me), but for now, I’m just going to try to get in 10 miles a week and speed up my time a bit. Sounds doable! 

 Other than my intense pondering on running, today was spent loosening up my sore muscles with a quick 2 mile run, 15 minute elliptical session, and a lovely beach-side walk with my man! 


We walked for about an hour and a half and grabbed some coffee before heading back to one of our favorite local restaurants to munch on some Thai food. Talk about yum!

IMG_1232 IMG_1233


Speaking of coffee, I’m sure going to need some tomorrow morning. I’m wiped! Time to catch some Zzzs and head to bed. 


Question of the day: Do you ever fall out of your running groove? 

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    Haha, good to see that other people have running-temperature issues too! I cannot go for a run if the temperatures are under 55 F or over 75 F … it’s a small window but I manage to run nearly 3/4 of the year with this restriction. This year was a special case with our uber-hot summer and currently that it is cooling down, I am slacking a bit getting back on the running trail.
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    I’m the same way with running temperature! I didn’t run outside for virtually all of June and July. I definitely go through phases with running, and every now and then I just need to take a week off from it. That sunset is gorgeous!
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    Yes I definitely fell out the running groove after a few months of hardcore training and racing. My body just didn’t want to run as much anymore, so I would run only 3 miles about 5 days/week. Which is a lot for some, but not what I was used to. It has taken me about a year for my body to be ready again to run more. However, that being said, if I ever exceed 80 miles/week, my body hates me and my performance actually goes down.
    Some people can handle lots of miles, but I cannot!!! It is interesting what some people can tolerate in terms of training, and what others can’t!

    Good luck with running! it is such a wonderful sport :)

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    YAY FOR RUNNING! You should definitely sign up for a half marathon :) I used to be happy with myself if I went for a run, now I need to run. It’s part of my life!
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    I fall out of it sometimes too, as much as I love a good run, it can become boring. It’s always great to switch it up. And if you haven’t run in awhile.. feel so good!!!

    PS. I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my latest post for details!

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    I love when coffee shops do the little foam designs on the tops of the coffee! So artsy! And I definitely have fallen into a running rut since my surgeries! It’s so hard to realize you went from being able to run fast and long to barely covering two miles. Lol
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    Currently out of the running groove! I absolutely love it but my body hates it. I am constantly injuring myself and it is frustrating gah! Changing my foot strike right now to see if it will help.

    A beachside walk with your man sounds divine!!!

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    I love running, but I too fall out of my running groove. I’m not a long distance runner yet (I do want to run a half) about 4-5 miles are my long runs haha but I run 3 miles or do 3 miles of HIIT training consistently. You’re right though. The first run after a break is always the worst but it’s amazing how fast you can find that groove again!
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    Oh man, talk about running groove! I fell out because of injuries and I wasn’t paying attention to my body but man, it’s tough to get back into shape or at least that groove! Slowly but surely. I doubt I’ll hit that previous performance level for awhile but it’s possible! You can do it girl :)
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    I think your first run back after a break is always hard. If the running break is due to an injury you just feel so lucky to be running again that you don’t notice it but if it’s just a running break to focus on other fitness or full break those first few runs are very challenging. I hope you get a running groove back!
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    YAY! I’m so happy you’re starting to think about the half. I believe in you <3 Also, "I’m a temperature snob and consider anything above 72 degrees to be too hot for running"…anything above 70 is too hot for running to me, hah. I still slog through it, but I'm never really happy about it. I'm considering just going with the treadmill for the next like month because Houston hates me.
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    I used to love running but now I actually can’t stand it! Plus it probably doesn’t help that I injured my back/leg running a while ago and I swear I haven’t been the same since! Totally agree about running in temperatures; although in the UK its more about the worry of being too cold – despite running my hands never seemed to want to warm up!
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    My running always suffers horribly in the summertime. I loathe more than 25 minutes on the dreadmill and running outside in Texas in the summer is miserable! I switch it up with more strength and circuit workouts, but I am ready for cooler temps and outdoor running!
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    Um yeah. I fell out of my running groove in the middle of training because I was running too many miles and feeling injured all the time. Now I am on an rest break and hate it, but my knees are killing me so I’m not pushing it.

    Great job on your run! :D You run faster than me – a teeny bit jealous ;)

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    Fall out? I’ve never even been in a running groove ;) glad your first run back went well! I’m a temperature snob too, if it’s too hot or too cold I’ll either skip it or whine the whole time lol.
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    Congrats on the run! Always feels great to get that first one under your belt :-)

    I absolutely fall out of my running grooves. I’ll usually have about a good 6 months in a groove and then 2 months out of the groove. It is SO hard to get back into it but setting an attainable goal always helps me out. Right now, I’m just running for fun and to stay in shape (and keep the pup in shape!)

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    I have been walking on the treadmill, and just started throwing in some running in there, and I am loving it. I don’t put any pressure on myself. I run for as long as I want, the speed I want, and I love it that way.
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    Awesome to hear you went for a run! I hate running in hot and humid temperatures! On days like that, I exercise inside because it actually makes me feel sick if I go for a run in those conditions. The sunset pic is gorgeous!!! Also, I love the new layout!
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    I’m glad you had a great run! Running is totally a love of mine, but some runs I absolutely hate. It’s always tough to start getting in the swing of it, but you’ll surely get to it girly! Good job!!
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    I totally agree..Beth’s posts and Instagram pictures motivate me to run on my own. I prefer running in the winter for some reason when others hate it. Not much of a runner but every once in a while, I grab my running shoes and get out the door! When it’s all over, I feel so damn good :p