Date Night At The Lobster

One of the many things I love about Kyle is how great he is at planning dates. He puts so much effort into making sure the night goes perfectly and he’s quite the romantic when it comes to wooing me. For example, whenever we have a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, he always researches and makes reservations at a restaurant weeks in advance just to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Seriously, though, from always needing to hold my hand in the car to opening any door that dares cross my path (it’s like he thinks I don’t have hands of my own), Kyle is a true blue loverboy and the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.  We like to have a nicer date every month or so to shake things up, and tonight, Kyle planned an awesome rendezvous complete with fresh flowers and lobster. 


At around 6, we drove over to Santa Monica Pier to eat at The Lobster and were lucky to hit hardly any traffic! We were planning on having to sit through about an hour and a half of slow moving cars, so we were pleasantly surprised when we zoomed our way through the freeway.IMG_1208IMG_1199

Since we weren’t slowed down by traffic, we spent a few minutes walking and enjoying the beautiful view. The sun was setting and Kyle snapped some pictures of me sporting my new hair. I want to thank you guys SO much for your advice on which hair color to go with! I ended up going with a darker shade for the fall and really like how it picks up the light. Unfortunately, it’s a little too dark (almost blackish) when I’m inside or in the shade for my liking, but I hear it lightens up after a week or so of showers. I’ve decided that if I still am not 100% happy with it by next week, I’ll go in to the salon to get some caramel highlights put in.

ocean picIMG_1200 IMG_1207

Dinner started off with some warm bread with some delicious herbed dipping oil. Both Kyle and I were feeling a bit hungry, so we ordered some calamari as an appetizer. It was absolutely amazing and came with a bunch of different dipping sauces. Garlic aioli for the win!

IMG_1212 IMG_1214

I ordered the steamed lobster for my main course and Kyle ordered a very manly steak. We always end up splitting all of our food since we’re both such foodies, and the mashed potatoes that came with his meal were fantastic!


Dessert was a must and featured chocolate pudding topped with vanilla ice cream. It was more of a mix between chocolate cake and a brownie and we both devoured every last bit! 


We had planned to walk around the pier and perhaps go on the ferris wheel or play a couple of arcade games, but it had gotten a but cold and the food was making us a bit drowsy. I mean, I guess that’s how you can tell you’ve had a good meal, right ;)?

We decided to head home early and, being the party animal that I am, I was great company and promptly fell asleep on the car ride home.

So that was my Friday night in a nutshell. I’m about ready to power down my laptop and hit the hay, so I’ll catch up with all of your exciting blogs tomorrow morning over some coffee. 


xo Christine 

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    What a beautiful date night and the food looks amazing! How nice that Kyle takes so much effort in planing your dates.

    I think your hair looks amazing by the way, but I also like the idea of caramel highlights :)

  2. says

    Date nights are fabulous. I had one with the Hubby last night, but it didn’t involve that beautiful scenery. How pretty. Speaking of pretty, I love your hair. It looks great with your skin tone.
    Garlic aioli always wins.
  3. says

    I want to move to California. Like now. haha that is really impressive you didn’t hit any traffic!! Okay – does Kyle have a younger brother ;) Haha in all seriousness – LOVE your hair. I think it suits you.
    • says

      You should! One of the most beautiful places to live (in my opinion haha! but I might be a bit biased ;)).

      He actually does haha! And he’s pretty darn good lookin’ as well. Their parents did well! Thanks, Kailey!

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    I love the fact you two take nights out once each month to go on a fancy date! I know relationships tend to get a bit stale after time so it’s always nice to spice things up! Girl, I LOVE your hair! I like it dark and I would not say it if I didn’t mean it! You look REALLY good! Oh, and my favorite thing to dip calamari in is peppercorn dip. YUM!
    • says

      I agree! Sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit to keep things fresh :D. Aww thank you SO much!! I was pretty iffy about it for the first day I had it, but it’s definitely growing on me :). Mhmmm SO good!
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    You look absolutely stunning in that dress! Where’d you get it? And I feel ya on the hair- it’s always hard to find the right balance between too dark and too light.
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    You are so right; Kyle is such a romantic! Love it! He’s such a sweetheart. You two are a perfect pair for one another! What a fun night he planned for you two, perfectly planned out, and full of gorgeous sunset views and amazing food!

    So glad you had a great time! (P.S. you look absolutely stunning! And I think your hair looks so gorgeous!)

  7. says

    Your new hair is looking gorgeous! I have to say that you and Kyle definitely make a good looking couple ;) And I love that you guys put extra effort into having fancier dates once in a while – that’s an awesome way to keep the romance alive :)