Wanted: Hair Advice

So about a year and a half ago, I decided to dye my hair to a lighter caramel color. but, being my lazy self, I never got it recolored or had touchups done, so I’m currently sporting a soft ombre that naturally happened when my hair grew out. 

IMG_2989Sorry for the crappy selfie quality!

I’m ready for a change now, and need advice on what color to go with!  

I was thinking that a rich brown with red highlights or lowlights might be a fun change. But, I’m completely open to suggestions! I wish I had more white-girl features so I could pull of blonde, but my half asian side begs to differ. 


Anyways, these are some pictures I scooped off the web that are in the direction I’m thinking! I’m also considering getting a haircut, but I’m trying to grow my hair out and hate that hairdressers usually chop off way more than I like.  


The last one is my current favorite :)!

I’d appreciate your thoughts!

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    I like your ombre look that you have going on but I understand the need to change things up a bit. I think Eva’s look would be very classy but I also love Kate’s color. I think it depends on if you want to go darker or not. My vote would be for the last one too!
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    Blonde totally, hahaha. Nah, I am not a fan of blonde Asians, it just looks wrong somehow… my boyfriend (half Filipino) had a blonde period when he was 14, I still think the pictures are quite funny ;) . I would go for Kate’s color, I think it is beautiful and fresh and I do also like her haircut, though I get that you want to keep your long hair.
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    I love all three of the looks, but I definitely think you should keep your long locks! As someone who would die for long hair, but can only grow it a little past my shoulders, I envy you!! I do like the Eva Longoria color best, but I bet you will look great with any of those styles!! I hope you have a good hair dresser, that is always so nerve-racking for me!
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      What a bummer! My cousin has hair that doesn’t really grow past a certain length either. I’m stuck between the two! I agree. My life is basically in their hands hahahah! ;)
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    LOVE Kate’s hair, both in terms of cut and colour. I’d definitely stick to a darker color, and maybe add some caramel and auburn highlights? Ombré is super trendy right now, so you could always just intensify the one you’ve got going on a little more.
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    I really like the 1st pic, but any would look great on you :) And I feel your pain with hairdressers – one layered my hair on one side, and put 3 in the other side. I looked really weird and had puffy hair on one side and smooth on the other.
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    Ahahaha this is awesome! Don’t feel bad about not going blonde ever, it’s annoyingly pricey to upkeep so enjoy your Asian side! I am loving that first picture, I think dark dark hair is beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you do!!
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    Love the second one!!! I had highlights for several years but when I moved to NYC and saw the pricetag on even partial highlights I sort of neglected my hair…Funny enough everyone commented on how great my ombre hair looked! I failed to mention the whole too cheap/lazy part ;)
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      It’s so expensive! Especially in NYC. The place I found has great yelp reviews and is reasonably priced. Hallelujah! Hahah we’re both sneaky with our hair then… whatever works, right ;)?
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    I’m loving your hair right now as well, but I’m also loving that first picture with the soft “red” ish highlights! Very pretty and classy looking!! I know how you feel though..sometimes a BIG change is exactly what you need! So maybe chopping it off and going totally different is what you should do :)
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      Aww thank you Maria! I think that one has gotten the majority of the votes so far! Maybe I’ll try to get a darker color with some lighter highlights, like the last pic and combine the two :)
  9. Julia G says

    The last one! Or the eva longoria picture. :) But honestly you are so beautiful any of those would work!
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    I’m with ya, I like the last one the best too. Not as drastic a change as the others. Plus, you should always go with something lighter first. If you don’t like it, it’s a lot easier to go darker than the other way around. If you’re scared they’re going to chop it, ask for less off at first. If you still want it shorter, tell them at that point. Never say you want 3 inches off if you really want 3 off. Tell them 1 or 2, at most. Good luck! You’re going to look great no matter what!