I’m Self Hosted!!

Hey guys! First off, I’d like to thank you for all of your wonderful, wonderful comments that you left on my post about Body Dysmorphia & Perfect Imperfection. It was my first really serious blog post and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about making my thoughts public for fear of being judged on my expression of such a serious topic. Stupid, I know. You guys are the best!!

Second of all, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed the layout of Apple of My Eye pretty radically since I’ve started self-hosting! The whole process was the biggest pain in the ass EVER, but I think the worst of it is over. I have basically no skill with any of this coding/transferring madness and I’m surprised I was actually able to get my site to come out decently. I might change the appearance a bit more, but for the most part, I like it!

Question: If you don’t mind leaving a comment, could you tell me if the blog is loading slowly or not? For me, other posts that are not the latest one load at a snail’s pace. 

Since I spent a ridiculous amount of time moving my site to being self-hosted, I didn’t get in a new post about what I’ve been up to, so here’s a recap!

I ate a lot of really yummy food:


Nothing better than a bagel with lox and crispy onions!



Ooey gooey get in mah tummmeh


Literally the best ice cream EVER.


And I got in a great workout! 

I started off with 30 minutes on this modified elliptical thingy that mimics cross country skiing and is tougher than the regular one. It gets my heart rate up to the 190s so I’m sweating like a maniac and definitely feel worked out by the end! I followed the cardio with a leg workout. I love exercises that don’t just isolate a single muscle group, but hits a lot of them. This is pretty typical for what I do on leg days!

Lovely Legs Workout

That’s all for now! Hope you have a fantastic day :)



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    hi! I’ve been a reader of yours ever since you first posting back in May – finally decided to join the blogging world :)

    Your blog is loading just fine! Not slow at all, at least for me. And congrats on self-hosting! :)

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      Hey! I’m so excited to hear from another reader :). Congrats on starting up your own blog! I just added it to my Bloglovin’ so I can’t wait to hear more from you :).

      Wahoo! Glad everything is running okay :). Thanks girl <3

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    Ooh the new site looks so cute! Is the machine you used an adaptive motion trainer? I use the one at my gym all the time and it does give you a great workout! Feels like you’re running under water and you can control the range of motion. Congrats on the new site!
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      Thanks! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out :). I looked those up, and they aren’t the exact kind, but they’re more like those than your old run-of-the-mill elliptical! Exactly! Make me sweat like crazy :)
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    Grats on going self hosted, girlie! The move is definitely a pain in the butt, but it feels so great to finally feel like you have a little place to call your own :) Loving the new look (omigosh the giraffe in the header is TOO cute), and everything loads fine for me!
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      Thanks love! I totally agree with you. I love being able to manipulate my theme! AHH I know, isn’t that little booger adorable? Don’t even get me started on how much I love giraffes ;). Thanks for letting me know that the site is running okay!
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    Oh well hey there, theme twinsie ;) love everything about your layout–the background, header, the theme, and I mean, I guess you’re sort of okay too. :P I’m glad everything worked out, and huge congrats on going self-hosted! Now for the important stuff–all of your food looks fantastic, and I wholeheartedly support the Annie’s decision. :) Also, I have SUCH a love/hate relationship with weighted lunges. They burn in the best way possible, but they’re SO hard and I’m always sore the next day!
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      Hahaha I was actually thinking about how ours looked similar, but I thought that the chances of picking the same theme out of like the 1000 that they have wouldn’t happen! Guess we must have the twin telepathy. That must be it. Wahoo! Being sort of okay is all I’ve ever wanted in life hahaha ;)<3. Ohh my goshh I know. I literally pass out after every set. Burn babbyyy burrrn!
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    Your blog looks fantastic & it’s loading SUPER FAST for me! And I am IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE with your giraffe! MY FAVORITE ANIMAL EVER!! Ever I tell you! In one of my videos I disclose how I would love to have a mini giraffe and I promise you, I will be the first to have one! I am just going to have a mini ZOO! OMG amazing! ;)

    Oh and you should never be afraid to post anything on your blog! You’re allowed to do whatever you want here! If people don’t like what you have to say, well they can just LEAVE! They aren’t your demographic, so they can shove it! LOL!!!

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      AHH GIRLFRIEND, ME TOO!! I will be your first guest in your mini zoo!!!!! Aren’t they just the best? Honestly. Polka dots, horns, ridiculous tongues. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THEM!

      Thanks girl! You’re the best <3333

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      Good luck! It’s really not that hard, but it seems impossible the first time you try to do it. Let me know if you need any help with it! I used Picmonkey to design my header and since you just started using the editing site, it’s the perfect time to go self hosting ;).
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    Congrats on self hosting! Your new site looks great and it’s not slow for me at all.

    I’ve been away from the computer for a bit, so I was surprised to see such a big change here, but it’s great. Keep it up :)

    Random question – where do you come up with these great workout routines? I’m in between trainers and a bit bored at the gym so I’m curious. If you read my most recent post, I think you’ll understand why the gym is a bit boring these days ;)

    xoxo Jackie

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      Thanks so much Jackie!

      I’ve never had a personal trainer, but I like to experiment and the internet is a great resource! Not gonna lie though, being a girl in a weight room is pretty handy because all the male trainers want to come help you ;).

      I’m going to check out your post right this minute! Expect a comment like… NOW!