Busy Bee

Today was another early morning for me, I was up and awake at 6:30 a.m. and worked until 9 on my Chemistry Lab Report. Then it was time to grab some breakfast! I had crunchy fruit salad (basically a mix of fresh fruit and granola) with about a half cup of cottage cheese on the side for some tartness and protein. It’s made with copious amounts of granola, so I usually don’t eat all of it and excavate for fruity bites!

Coffee too!

Coffee too!

That didn’t hold me over for long, so I snacked on some unsweetened apple sauce and a nutri-grain bar before my 12 o’clock French class.Luckily, I was able to finish my lab report before heading out to class. Glad I got it out of the way! Those suckers are the worst ;).


After French I biked back to get some lunch with Kyle. UCSB is a HUGE biking school and I depend on my giraffe bike to get me everywhere :). I love those beautiful, sunny days with just a hint of a breeze!

IMG_1673 IMG_1671

Lunch was a salad (I love me some carrots- I promise there are some lettuce leaves in there!) and some teriyaki beef with rice and more veg. I also snuck a couple of bites from Kyle’s grass fed burgers and curly fries. Yum!

IMG_1676 IMG_1675 IMG_1674

Then it was right back to work.

Thursdays are always my least favorite day of the week. It should be illegal to have a mandatory 4 hour chemistry lab.

How I feel about lab.

How I feel about lab.

I basically spent 4 hours making these crystals. Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty, but in the future I’d prefer to buy them at a craft store for 23 cents ;).

IMG_1684 IMG_1681

Mad scientist in training right here!

I didn’t get out till 10 and was HUNGRY! Embarrassing enough to say, Kyle and I went to the same restaurant as yesterday. We just can’t get enough of Vietnamese food! I order some pineapple fried rice with lean chicken breast and shrimp. We also split a Vietnamese iced tea which is out of this world. Kyle ordered a beef dish, but was more than happy to help me with my huge plate of food!

IMG_1690 IMG_1689 IMG_1688 IMG_1687

It’s been such a long day, I’m glad I won’t have another Thursday for a week. Bring on the weekend!


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