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Let’s Catch Up/WIAW


Hi friendly faces! Long time no chat. 

I had a super relaxing weekend, but screwed myself over slightly because this week has been jam-packed with work. I had a prelab and lab report due today (along with my 4 hour lab) and juuuussttt finished writing my final essay for my comparative literature class. My final for the class is this Thursday, so I’ve been studying a bit when I’ve had the time.

Let’s catch up!

I went home for the weekend…

Lots of relaxing, hiking, playing with Kyle’s chickens, and working on my photography. I’ve decided to try my hand at actual people photography (don’t worry, my first love will always be taking copious amounts of food pictures) and Kyle was nice enough to pose for me while I worked on my lighting and composition. I have to admit, taking pictures of boys is no where near as fun as girls. No feminine poses or tossing long locks of hair in the sunset with this one :shock: . If anyone has any advice on portrait photography/editing, I would love to learn more!

Kyle Photo Final Edit 1 Kyle 2hiking!Feeding the chickens

I got an Instagram account

Not a good idea when I had such a busy week ahead of me… I’ve already found some of my online friends there (hello, Julia!) and would love to connect with you guys! Follow me HERE if you’d like to see more tasty photos and my latest attempts at people photography :) .

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.51.12 PMAnd now that we’ve caught up a little, let’s move on to Wednesday’s normal programming! Here’s a quick recap of today’s eats:


Oats cooked with cinnamon and vanilla extract and topped with brown sugar.



Kyle and I met up for lunch and split a Panda Express feast. I know Panda isn’t “authentic” Chinese, but myyyy gooodness. I could eat orange chicken all day long.



Since I had a busy day and was working on my essay, Kyle cooked up dinner. He made a quick lemon chicken pasta and cut up some lettuce for a side salad. Yum!


And there we have it! It’s currently 11:20 p.m and I’m hoping to get to bed a little earlier than usual, so g’night!

Hope all is well with you guys!


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