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Thinking Out Loud


Wowweee, this week has been busy. I meant to do a weekend recap in photos, but couldn’t find the time to put it together. My molecular genetics midterm was this Monday, so I amped up my studying for the few days before the exam with hours and hours of flashcards, textbook reading, practice questions, and drinking coffee. Emphasis on the coffee :shock: . At this point, I think my veins are running on black coffee. Luckily, I think my midterm went pretty well!


Anyways, since I had focalized my attention on genetics, I need to catch up with my other classes, general blog maintenance, creating/photographing/blogging about recipes for both AOME and for my contributing work at Savory Style, working out, and socializing. Ack. I need more hours in a day.

So anyways, let’s get on to some Thursday randomeness, made possible by the lovely Amanda from Running with Spoons.

1. Farmer’s Markets are theeee best.

I’ve been going to the local Farmer’s Market every Sunday with Kyle or some of my girlfriends and just plain adore it. There’s a certain happiness in the atmosphere that comes from pleasant people spending a lazy morning promenading up and down the stalls with smiles on their faces. And don’t forget the free samples <3. 

Farmer's Market

2. Taylor’s dog… OMG. 

Okay. HOW CUTE IS THIS DOG?! He belongs to Taylor (Kyle’s little brother’s girlfriend –> I love her) and I get lots of adorable snapchats of him. If anyone else has a snapchat, let me know!


3. Cookies from Sophia

One of my housemates works at a local coffee shop and is constantly bringing us unsold cookies from her shifts. Imagine me stumbling downstairs in an irritable sleepy stupor and coming across two big bags filled with mountains of cookies. And I’m not talking your everyday run-of-the-mill cookies, I’m talking about Reese’s PB with big chunks of chocolate, sugar cookies made with cream cheese so that they’re incredibly fluffy and delicious, mint chip, and oodles of other flavors. Needless to say, my morning coffee has never tasted better. 

4. I’ve come across a new food obsession…

…popping my own popcorn on the stove top and smothering it in garlic salt and parmesan. It’s SO much better than the microwavable bags of the stuff and fabulously entertaining. It’s not unusual to walk into the kitchen and see 3 or 4 of us girls just standing around the stove laughing and clapping our hands in excitement while we watch the popcorn explode. It’s the little things, my friends.

5. Internet shopping is great in a million different ways, but in the end it just makes me want to buy all the things :shock: .

Here are some of my latest OMGINEEDTHIS finds:

Things I Want Things I Want 2

6. I don’t think I’ll ever get over where I live.

Santa Barbara is BEAUTIFUL. (Photo taken on my street)


7. In need of some delicious Chunky Monkey Banana Bread?

Of course you are ;) . Check out my newest recipe on Savory Style!

Chunky Monkey Banana BreadAnd that’s all for now, folks! Hope your week is going smoothly!



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Thinking Out Loud


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