Aloha from Hawaii!

Alooohaaaaaaa from Hawaii!

I’m typing this up at 7 a.m Hawaii time to the sound of tropical birds chirping and with a big bowl of freshly cut pineapple in front of me. Not a bad way to start the trip! Let me rewind and fill you guys in…

My flight was scheduled for 5 p.m on Tuesday and so most of my day was spent getting some sponsored work done, cleaning the house, packing, and giving my cat plenty of love (she is needy). Kyle was so sweet and offered to use his lunch break to drive me to the airport (SpaceX is only 5 minutes away from it), so before he came over I ran over to buy him some lunch to eat in the car and then we headed off!


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My Current Go-To Healthy Snack

Hi friends! Popping in on this lovely Tuesday to share my current favorite healthy snack. I have been on the go lately and have been spending long stretches of time on my feet and too busy to sit down and have a full meal. To say that having a big pack of these bars at my disposable has been a godsend is an understatement!

So a little backstory behind these bars. I mentioned a while back that my all-time favorite protein bar is a flavor called Fudge Graham from a company called Zone Perfect. These bars don’t have a chemical-y after taste and genuinely are delicious! I ALWAYS have a box of them in the house and eat them as part of my breakfast, with my lunch, and as dessert at night to satisfy my sweet tooth. Imagine how excited I was when I was contacted to review a new flavor from their Perfectly Simple Line!

Perfectly Simple Bara-1

I chose to sample their Almond Toffee Crunch flavor (drool) and on Friday, I took Tucker on a long hike around lunchtime before eating… always a mistake. Luckily, I had packed two bars and was able to snack on one of them trails and one back at the house while Tucker hopped in the pool so I wouldn’t crash!

First thought?

SO GOOD. Big chunks of almonds, perfectly sweet, and filling because it’s packed with 10g (!!) of protein.


Then, on Saturday, I was on the go all day photographing a wedding in Long Beach, which meant not having time to eat a real lunch. I was on my feet from 11 till 7 and would have probably died from hunger if I hadn’t put three of these bars in my bag. Repeat that on Sunday for assisting at a styled shoot (where I only had time for a small sandwich for lunch) and you have the soundtrack of my weekend! Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple kept me feeling good throughout my time on the go and was a fantastic healthy option to help me during my busy days.

I honestly can’t wait to try their other flavors (the oatmeal chocolate chunk and roasted cashew and dark chocolate are calling my name) and now YOU can get a taste with this coupon! Happy eating!



Thinking Out Loud

Thank you to the lovely Amanda for hosting! Let’s jump right into it…

1. My Hawaii girls trip is coming up! To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the trip was actually going to end up coming to fruition because it is hard to organize a bunch of college girls and have everyone committed and details planned. I’m happy to say that things are all set and we will be leaving for a week-long vacation on the Big Island this upcoming Tuesday.


Thinking Out Loud-1

A sunshine and pina colada-filled week with some of my girlfriends is the perfect way to end the summer before getting back into the grind of classes (ochem lab, ewww) and getting out of my routine is just what I need now. After doing so much work from home, I feel like I’ve turned into a slug and fell into an inspiration slump. I need to reset!

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